False dental beliefs can ruin your dental health

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Majority of people around the globe feel pride in sticking to their beliefs and views regarding particular matters and they often feel offended if one tries to convince them in changing these. This also stands true regarding the oral and dental conditions occurring in one’s mouth from time to time. People do not go for consultation to the dental health care professionals unless it becomes extremely necessary. Aggravation of symptoms and signs to grave morbidity forces them to visit the dental office. Most frequently, this occurs due to their strong beliefs and false views. People think bleeding gums are natural following application of tooth brushing and other cleaning procedures. They do not consider it an abnormality and force other family members, siblings and friends to think like that.  This false myth results in gingivitis and gum inflammation to advance into severe periodontal destructive disease. It is extremely necessary to perform regular oral hygiene measures in order to remove the source of gum bleeding which commonly involves accumulation of dental plaque and calculus on and around the tooth surfaces and detaching the gums from the surfaces of teeth.

Regular tooth brushing and use of dental floss between the teeth surfaces helps in the restoration of normal gingival and oral health. Refraining from getting dental consultation for longer periods of time can cause severe and irreversible damage leading to tooth, mobility, bone loss and eventually tooth loss. The disease can spread to adjacent healthy teeth and supporting periodontal structures. Similarly people often think only pain and discomfort warrants the need of dental treatment procedures which is not true. A large number of chronic dental and oral diseases can progress without the manifestation of pain and discomfort. This article describes various common dental myths and fallacies and the need to change patient’s mind through their education and awareness.

If you washed your hands and they bled, would you be concerned? Of course! The same goes for your gums. Bleeding is the first sign of infection. Gums bleed because plaque, which is full of disease-causing bacteria, is accumulating where a toothbrush cannot reach to remove it. This is why flossing daily is so important. It reaches these areas, about 35% of your tooth surface, that tooth brushing misses, no matter how well you brush. The longer the bacteria accumulates, the stronger it gets, which causes more than just bleeding and inflammation. This bacteria can cause your gums and bone that hold your teeth in place to break down, and they don’t grow back. Also, when plaque sits undisturbed it can harden, causing more irritation to your gums and providing a home to this virulent bacteria. At this point it is called calculus or tartar, which can only be removed by a dental hygienist. This is why regular dental appointments are more than just checking for cavities! Not great at flossing? Be honest with your dental hygienist about it. Your hygienist can show you other options such as interdental brushes, water flossers, or simply showing you the correct flossing technique. Once you begin flossing, your gums may continue to bleed for a while; this is your body’s immune response trying to fight the infection. So keep at it daily!

Your mouth is connected to your body! In fact, many diseases can show their first symptoms in your mouth. This includes some autoimmune diseases and even HIV. Further, you are swallowing the bacteria in your mouth every day, all day. If you have gum disease, this bacteria can be harming more than just your mouth. Bacteria can enter your bloodstream and affect other organs in your body. Research is emerging every day showing links of bacteria from the mouth contributing to heart disease and stroke risk to rheumatoid arthritis, pre-term and low birth weight babies, even Alzheimer’s disease and the ability to control blood sugar levels in diabetes. Infection in your mouth = problems for your whole body, so take care of your mouth!



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