Cigarette smoking increases the chances of development of oral cancer

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Mouth cancer is considered among the most fatal cancers around the globe with high morbidity and mortality rates. People suffering from mouth cancers lead an extremely compromised life due to structural as well as functional impairment. They cannot enjoy life due to the severity of pain, discomfort and functional handicap due to this condition. They cannot move freely within the community due to cosmetic disabilities and consequences. They need complete support till their last breath. Treatment modalities have been established for the cure of mouth cancer but these have serious side effects as well. Furthermore, everybody cannot afford the expenses of full disease treatment and rehabilitation including cosmetic reconstruction following invasive surgical procedures. Prevention of the development of mouth and oral cancer remains the gold standard of its management planning.

Oral health care professionals strongly advise cessation of the various habits involved in the development of oral cancer. Cigarette smoking is always kept at the top of the risk factors responsible for the occurrence of mouth carcinoma. Smoking chewable, non-chewable, smoked as well as non-smoking tobacco can lead to this fatal abnormal disease condition. Among the main culprits responsible for the increasing use of these tobacco products are the media groups and T.V channels all around the globe. These media houses are making advertisements which show famous celebrities, models, sports players and business icons smoking various brands of cigarettes which depict this habit as their lucky charm or reason for success in life. Small children and teenagers watch these advertisements with the intent of following their role models.

“Kids shouldn’t have to watch their role models using tobacco, either at a neighborhood park or on TV,” Walsh said, standing at home plate of a South Boston baseball diamond. “Ballfields are places for mentoring and healthy development. They’re no place for cancer-causing substances.”

Schilling, who revealed earlier this year he was diagnosed with mouth cancer after decades of using chewing tobacco, described his battle with the illness, which he said is in remission.

“It was more painful than anything you could imagine,” he said, addressing the dozens of school-age kids in attendance. “I couldn’t swallow. I had to eat from a tube. I was sick every single day. And if it came back, I don’t know if I would go through the treatment again. It was that bad.”


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