Tooth Extractions in Scottsdale AZ

About Tooth Extractions:

Tooth Extraction is a term that refers to the removal of permanent or deciduous teeth from the oral cavity. Extractions are indicated when a tooth is either no longer required in the mouth, or is damaged to the extent that it cannot be restored. There are two types of extractions performed in dental clinics; simple extractions and surgical extractions.
Simple extractions are those that simply involve pulling out a tooth from its socket using instruments such as dental forceps and elevators. This technique does not require any additional incisions or stitches and heals within 4-7 days normally.

Surgical extractions are performed when access to the tooth cannot be established using simple instruments alone and therefore Extracted toothincisions may need to be created to retrieve the tooth/root from below gum level. In order to promote fast healing and to close incisions, stitches are generally given at the end of surgical extractions. These may take slightly longer to heal than simple extractions.
Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are relatively structurally sound and present well above the gingival level; whereas surgical extractions are performed to retrieve broken down roots, severely decayed teeth and impacted teeth from below gingival level.


Extractions are indicated for a number of reasons, the most prominent of which include severely carious teeth that cannot be restored, vertically fractured teeth, retained primary teeth in the upper or lower arches, impacted teeth that can damage adjacent teeth or cause trauma on eruption, orthodontic treatments that require additional space making to relieve dental crowding, failed root canal treatments or progressed secondary carries, and severe periodontitis resulting in extreme mobility of the teeth.

Third molar or wisdom tooth extraction surgery is the most common of all at dental clinics worldwide due to the fact that these teeth are impacted in most cases because of lack of space in the arches at the time of their eruption, causing pain and discomfort to the patients.


Because the teeth are subjected to a significant degree of force and pressure at the time of extraction, local anesthesia is administered prior to the surgery in order to ensure a painless, comfortable procedure for the patients. Simple extractions take less time than surgical ones, which are generally more complex. Once the teeth have successfully been pulled out of their sockets, sutures or pressure packs may be given to patients to minimize bleeding and to promote rapid healing of the socket. Antibiotics and painkiller are also prescribed if needed, to prevent development of bacterial infections and to manage post-surgical pain effectively.

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