Tooth Colored Fillings in Scottsdale Arizona

Most of the people have one or more filled teeth in their mouth as they grow old. Dental decay is an ongoing process and shows its presence in spite of high quality oral hygiene maintenance. In the present era, people are becoming more and more conscious about the display of their teeth when they smile especially in a social gathering. People wish to hide their filled teeth with the help of a tooth filling which exactly matches with the tooth color of adjacent natural teeth. They avoid getting their teeth filled with silver or metal fillings. Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona provides state of the art tooth colored fillings to his patients which serve equally well in the both front and back teeth.

What are the different tooth-colored filling materials?

Different tooth-colored filling materials are,Tooth colored fillings

Dental resin composites which are used for both direct and indirect restorations,

Glass Ionomer Cements which are used for direct fillings only,

Dental Porcelain inlays which are fabricated outside the mouth in a dental laboratory,

What are the most commonly employed tooth-colored fillings?

Composite fillings are by far the most commonly used tooth-colored fillings especially in the restoration of front teeth. Dental composites make a strong micromechanical bond with the natural tooth structure after treatment with a mild acid and bonding agent. Dental composite fillings are termed as white fillings or plastic fillings or invisible dental fillings. Dental composites were supposed to be used on front teeth only due to the high mastication loads in the back teeth. Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona has been using the newly developed, high strength and more flexible dental composites for the restoration of posterior teeth now.

What are the advantages of tooth-colored composite fillings?

Tooth-colored dental composite fillings have the following merits,

  • Composite fillings enhance the esthetic value of restored teeth due to their matching color with natural teeth,
  • These fillings are cost-effective and less expensive than gold fillings and porcelain crowns,
  • Placement of filling and finishing can be done on the same appointment saving a lot of time and money,
  • These fillings have the added benefit of bonding with tooth structure,
  • Unlike amalgam fillings, composite restorations can be easily repaired and are mercury free,
  • Dental composite fillings require less removal of sound tooth structure for cavity preparation. Only decayed portion of teeth is removed and composite filling material is placed. Conventional amalgam fillings require removal of at least 2.5 mm deep tooth structure.

what are the uses of tooth-colored composite fillings?

Tooth colored composite fillings are used for the restoration of,

Carious and decayed teeth,

Broken or chipped off enamel of teeth,

Masking the unaesthetic gaps or spaces between teeth,

Replacement of previous amalgam or metal restorations,

For the treatment of sensitive teeth.

How long will tooth-colored composite fillings last?

It is a common consideration that silver amalgam fillings are more durable than composite restorations. However, with the recent improvements in dental composites, both materials are equally effective. The longevity of the restoration depends upon its location in the mouth and the amount of loads applied on it daily.

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