Root Canal Therapy in Scottsdale Arizona

Pain is the chief complaint of the majority of patients visiting a dental clinic. Root canal therapy is the treatment of choice in cases associated with toothache. Root canal therapy is carried out in order to save your tooth from undergoing extraction or permanent removal. Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona will help you to determine if you need a root canal and if so what your best options for treatment are to save your teeth.

What is meant by a root canal treatment procedure?

Root canal treatment procedures are performed to remove the infected nerves and blood vessels of the tooth present in the canals ofRoot canal therapy the roots. Removal of infected nerves and blood vessels prevent the spread of infection to the surrounding tissues and relieves toothache. After complete removal and debridement of the canals with instrumentation and chemical disinfectants, an inert root canal filling material is placed for blocking the entry of bacteria in future.

How modern root canal therapy is different from conventional root canal therapy procedures?

Conventional root canal therapy procedures use hand files and manual instruments for the removal of infected tissues, preparation of the canal spaces for placement of filling materials and old disinfectant solutions. Advancements in root canal therapy have led to the development of innovative armamentarium. Mechanical instruments including rotary hand piece assisted flexible files, newer irrigation solutions, highly efficient intra canal medicament and specially shaped root canal filling cones have revolutionized root canal therapy.

When does it become necessary to perform a root canal therapy?

When the dental decay reaches very deep and involves the dental pulp harboring nerves and vessels, simple filling procedures are out of question and root canal therapy becomes essential for saving your tooth. When the dental infection or inflammation penetrates pulp tissue causing severe pain, the condition is termed as irreversible pulpitis.

How will I know when I need a root canal therapy procedure for my teeth?

Various signs and symptoms are associated with development of irreversible pulpitis necessitating a root canal therapy procedure.

  • History of sharp, spontaneous and throbbing pain radiating to the head and neck region,
  • Pain may not resolve on taking analgesics and painkillers,
  • Pain and discomfort associated with swelling in the region of the affected tooth,
  • Signs of aggravating pain on lying down due to changes in posture,
  • Cold water relieves the pain i.e. sipping water lessens the nature of pain.

It is strongly recommended to visit Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona for the confirmation of irreversible pulpitis on the basis of these features. Dr Jerome Riddle will take complete history of the condition in addition to thorough intra oral examination and radiographs. Peri-apical radiographs are the most useful adjunct for the confirmation of irreversible pulpitis diagnosis.

What will be done during the root canal of my tooth?

Following evaluation and informed consent, local anesthesia will be administered for ensuring pain free treatment procedure. An access cavity will be drilled through the decayed portion of the tooth following complete removal of carious lesion and old fillings. Necrotic and inflamed pulp tissue removal will be performed next and root canals will be prepared for providing space for the filling material. If necessary, an intra canal medicament will be placed and you will be called for next visit after a few days for final filling. However, newer techniques now allow the completion of root canal therapy in a single visit. Post operative medications will be prescribed if necessary to control infection and relieve anticipated pain.

Is it necessary to place a full coverage restoration following root canal therapy?

root canal therapy involves removal of all diseased parts of the tooth and preparation for placement of filling material in the root canals. This invasive procedure makes the teeth weak and brittle. Teeth become prone to fracture if heavy loads are applied on them. Therefore, Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona recommend provision of a full coverage crown restoration after completion of root canal therapy.

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