Periodontal Care in Scottsdale Arizona

Periodontal therapy focuses upon the removal of plaque and tartar from the surfaces of teeth, gums and areas below the gums in order to keep the human dentition in good health. Compromised periodontal tissue health leads to mobility and loss of teeth if left untreated. Meticulous oral hygiene maintenance is the key to enhance periodontal health. Regular tooth brushing and use of dental floss can prevent the development of periodontal diseases. Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona provides the latest periodontal therapy procedures for the rehabilitation of diseased periodontal tissues.

What is normal periodontium ?

Periodontium is defined as the soft and hard dental tissues supporting the teeth. The component tissues of the periodontium are,Peiodontal care

Soft tissue gums surrounding the teeth in a collar like manner,

Alveolar bone,

Cementum of the root,

Periodontal ligament fibers attaching the teeth to bone.

what is a periodontal disease?

This is the development of a condition when the periodontal soft and hard tissues get infected and lose their normal architecture and functional capabilities. Periodontal disease results in attachment loss between the teeth and alveolar bone.

How does a periodontal disease develop?

Primary culprit in the occurrence of periodontal or gum disease is the formation of yellow plaque layer on the surface of teeth. If not removed with the help of regular tooth brushing, the layer of plaque hardens with the deposition of calcium from saliva and tissue fluids. The hardened dental plaque is known as tartar or calculus and it results in the loss of attachment between the gums and teeth as it grows deeper. Tartar also acts as the nidus for the growth of bacteria causing infections. Periodontal pocket formation and attachment loss are the hall marks of periodontal diseases.

what is the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis?

In the initial stages of gum infection or gingivitis, bleeding occurs from the gums due to inflammation caused by the presence of calculus. If oral hygiene measures such as tooth brushing, scaling and polishing are employed at this stage, it results in the reversal of disease. Progression of gingivitis occurs if initial infection is not controlled. Periodontitis is characterized by formation of periodontal pockets and attachment loss between teeth and gums owing to advanced gum infection.

How will the dentist diagnose my periodontal disease?

Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona will carry out a complete history taking session and periodontal examination of the affected area. He will specifically check for,

Measurement of pocket depths between teeth and gums,

Gum bleeding on probing,

Radiographic evidence of bone loss,

Bleeding and probing depths of more than 4 mm confirm the presence of periodontal disease.

What are the different treatment options for periodontal disease?

periodontal disease control requires a treatment plan focusing upon the removal of the major causative factor and rehabilitation of the periodontal tissues. Periodontal care can be divided into,

  • Non-surgical procedures,
  • Surgical procedures.

Non-surgical periodontal therapy involves scaling and root planning procedures. Scaling procedure removes calculus and tartar deposits above and just below gingival. Root planning involves cleaning and smoothing the surface of roots well below the gums. Deep cleaning often involves removal of infected bone and gingival curettage. These procedures are performed with the help of manual and ultrasonic scalers as well as curettes.

Surgical treatment is carried out in advanced periodontal lesions. It involves surgical incision and elevation of gingival flaps to get access to the lesion. After thorough debridement and cleaning, soft tissue is sutured back in its place. Recent advancements have employed the use of least invasive lasers in the armamentarium of periodontal care. Laser assisted new attachment procedures abbreviated as LANAP carry out periodontal lesion debridement with minimum violation of periodontal attachment using ultrafine instruments.

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