Oral Cancer in Scottsdale Arizona

Oral cancer is basically a diverse term used to characterize abnormal malignant growth of cells involving the mouth and throat.  Oral cancers are prone to cause tissue destruction due to growth and distant metastasis of abnormal cells. Once metastasis of oral cancer occurs, it becomes extremely difficult to control its spread. Oral cancer affects the quality of life of individuals and reduces immune levels. Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona emphasize upon the prevention of oral cancer as early as possible and aggressive treatment in case of its occurrence. It is very important for the general public to have Oral cancer testdetailed information regarding the causes, spread, prevention and treatment options of oral cancer.

What are the possible sites for the occurrence of oral cancer?

Oral cancer commonly occurs at the lower lip and lateral border of the tongue. Floor of the mouth, soft palate, buccal mucosa, gingival and alveolar ridge are the other sites where oral cancer often develops.

What are the factors associated with the occurrence of oral cancer?

Various factors responsible for the occurrence of oral cancer are,

  • Tobacco smoking,
  • Tobacco and beetle nut chewing,
  • Certain viral infections i.e. Human papilloma virus infections,
  • Excessive alcohol consumption,
  • A combination of alcohol and tobacco has a summation effect,
  • Huqqa and pan chewing,
  • Poor oral hygiene conditions,
  • Nutritional deficiencies i.e. consumption of diet low in fruits and vegetables,
  • Chronic irritation from ill fitting dental prosthesis,
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight,
  • Radiation therapy.

Does age and gender have a correlation with oral cancer?

The incidence of oral cancer is almost double in males as compared to females. This difference is associated with the fact that males consume tobacco and alcohol in greater quantities and over long time periods. Age is an important factor correlated with oral cancer. The incidence of oral cancer increases with aging. Most cases of oral cancer are reported around 55-60 years of age.

What are the major symptoms of oral cancer?

Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona advise you to schedule a oral cancer consultation visit if you observe the following symptoms,

  • Presence of whitish or reddish patches on your lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, inner surfaces of cheeks and lining of mouth,
  • Easy bruising and bleeding in the mouth,
  • Mobility and loosening associated with teeth,
  • Jaw swelling,
  • Occurrence of a lump in the mouth,
  • Severe pain and discomfort while eating, chewing, drinking and speaking,
  • Hoarseness of voice especially in beetle nut chewers,
  • Non-healing ulcers and sores,
  • Feeling of numbness in the mouth,
  • Unexpected loss of weight,
  • In some cases, no such symptoms are seen. It is, therefore, essential to have a regular dental check up annually.

How can I prevent oral cancer?

Prevention is always better than cure. The key to the successful prevention of oral cancer is,

  • Quit smoking and chewing smokeless tobacco and,
  • No alcohol consumption,
  • No pipe and cigar tobacco,
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight.

Make a habit of eating a well-balanced diet including,

  • Fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • Diets rich in fibres.

What are the different treatment options for oral cancer?

Oral cancer treatment gives quite satisfactory results and success of treatment depends upon the degree of advancement of the cancer lesion. Early screening increases the likelihood of complete recovery. Devices such as Velescope are available for early detection of changes in the oral mucosa and tissues. Chemotherapy and Surgery are most often carried out by Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Phoenix Arizona to cure oral cancer patients. Major surgical procedures are combined with reconstruction of oral tissues for building up the esthetic profile of the patient. Radiotherapy is another option for the treatment of oral cancer.

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