Modify your habits to save your teeth

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Dental caries is considered to be the major cause tooth loss due to poor oral hygiene maintenance and consumption of synthetic sugars at high frequencies. However, all cases of damage to tooth structure do not occur due to caries causing microorganisms. Teeth can also be damaged owing to habitual carelessness and intake of certain food products which do not look harmful for dental health. Such sources of tooth damage and decay are termed as hidden causes and patient should be educated and motivated regarding their prevention. Regular tooth brushing extremely beneficial for your oral health but timing of performing tooth brushing must be well planned. Brush your teeth before taking breakfast early in the morning and before going to bed at night. Never clean your teeth especially with hard tooth brush and abrasive tooth paste soon after taking breakfast, lemon juice or carbonated beverages as teeth are susceptible to erosion under these conditions.

It is strongly prohibited to do mouth rinsing following brushing your teeth as it can wash away the good fluorides from tooth surfaces. Reduce the frequency of inter meal snacks as much as possible. Increased frequency of snacks can act as constant source of nutrition for harmful bacteria residing within the oral cavity. Refrain from using your teeth as bottle openers at all costs as it can cause chipping off your tooth enamel. Dark colored drinks such as coffee, tea, cola beverages and green tea can result in tooth discoloration. Sports injuries are common in young children and teenagers. It is advised to use protective appliances such as mouth guards during athletic activities to prevent dental trauma especially involving front teeth. This piece of information describes major risk factors associated with damage to teeth and oral structures..

IF you brush your teeth straight after breakfast, drink bottled water and open chip packets with your teeth then you’re committing some of the 10 deadly sins of dentistry.

You might think a hard bristled brush removes more plaque from your teeth or that rinsing after brushing delivers a cleaner mouth, but you’re wrong.

Brushing your teeth straight after drinking a glass of orange juice at breakfast can abrade the tooth enamel. Picture Thinkstock Source: ThinkStock

You’ve cleaned your teeth and think a final rinse with water will wash off any final bits of food brushed off your teeth.

“When you rinse after brushing you’re washing off the good fluoride from the toothpaste left on your teeth and spitting out the excess,” he says.

“Saliva neutralises the acid. If you eat something for lunch and get an acid attack, within an hour its neutralised, but if you have a snack all of a sudden you’re getting another acid attack and that is where the decay happens because the amount of acidity outweighs the amount of time your mouth is neutral,” he says.


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