Full Mouth Restorations in Scottsdale AZ

Oral tissues and teeth are exposed to various conditions and incidents during the lifetime of an individual. Dento-alveolar Trauma, dental decay, bone and tooth fractures, accidents, cracks of teeth, tooth wear, muscular pain and teeth discolorations are among the few situations which affect oral structures from time to time. Full mouth restoration which is also termed as full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation aims at restoring the structure, function and esthetics of different oral tissues and teeth mout restoration modelproviding importance to each individual tooth. Full mouth restoration is basically a multidisciplinary treatment approach addressing all disciplines of dental sciences. Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale AZ performs various required procedure to accomplish full mouth reconstruction after thorough evaluation and assessment of all teeth and oral tissues present in the mouth.

Do the full mouth restoration procedures have an esthetic value?

Full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation puts prime focus on the enhancement of esthetics of an individual. These procedures are basically in coordination with cosmetic dentistry and improve the smile of an individual. The two basic aims of full mouth restoration carried out by Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Phoenix Arizona are,

Enhancement of facial esthetics,

Correction occlusion and bite of teeth.

When do I need a full mouth restoration procedure for my teeth and oral tissues?

Full mouth restoration procedures become essential when compromise occurs in the smile of an individual due to,

Loss of natural tooth structure owing to dento-alveolar trauma and decay of teeth,

Fractured or cracked teeth due to heavy occlusal loads or compromised periodontal support,

Worn teeth in cases of parafunctional habits such as bruxism,

Wear of teeth caused by erosion or abrasion,

TMJ disturbances and muscular pain due to disorganized occlusion of teeth,

Severe mal-occlusion of teeth,

Broken down teeth,

Ill-fitting removable dentures causing discomfort.

How can full mouth restoration procedure help me when I have broken down, missing and worn teeth in my mouth?

Full mouth restorations at Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Scottsdale Arizona involve provision of dental implants, veneers, inlays and onlays, crown & bridges and direct composite fillings for the correction of all these conditions. Dental implants act as state of the art fixed replacement prosthesis of missing natural teeth.

Dental implants make a strong connection with the alveolar bone just like the roots of natural teeth. Dental implants give a life-like feeling to the individual. In addition, further resorption of bone does not occur in the presence of an implant. A matching tooth color crown can be placed above the dental implant which mimics the crown of natural tooth completing the restoration. In case multiple lost teeth, a few implants can be provided for restoration of more teeth. Minimum of four dental implants can provide fixed replacement of an entire arch in the form of implant retained dentures. Dental composite fillings and inlays restore small defects and chipped off areas of teeth and in establishing and correcting the vertical dimension of occlusion in some conditions.

Dental veneers are tooth colored shell-like restorations which are meant to mask the discolored facial surfaces of front teeth mainly. These are helpful in providing a complete smile makeover. Compromised, decayed or damaged tooth surfaces which cannot be repaired with the help of veneers need full coverage crown and bridge restorations. These crowns and bridges cover the surfaces of teeth just like a cap and provide strength and esthetics. Root canal treated teeth become weak and brittle and crowns are indicated in such cases.

What is the procedure to get a full mouth restoration for my teeth?

Dr Jerome Riddle and his staff at the Dental office in Phoenix Arizona will carry out a comprehensive examination for the assessment of various needed treatment procedures in your mouth. All restorations will be planned sequentially to correct various disturbances through the advanced skills and expertise of our staff.

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