Cosmetic Dentistry in Scottsdale Arizona

About Cosmetic Dentistry:

Cosmetic dentistry refers to all dental procedures that are aimed at enhancing the beauty of the smile. These aesthetics-driven treatments have been introduced to correct the many imperfections of the teeth including spacing or gaps, discoloration, fractures, Scottsdale cosmetic dentistshape and size discrepancies, excessive gum show, as well as a number of congenital malformations.
Cosmetic dentistry may or may not always address the functional issues, but is gaining immense popularity worldwide. With cosmetic dental treatments, it is easy to get a complete smile makeover within the same day by effectively restoring or concealing the flaws of the teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures:

The most widely practiced cosmetic dental treatments at leading clinics and hospitals around the globe include:

Porcelain Veneers, commonly known as dental laminates are fine, shell like tooth colored units that are cemented on to the surface of the tooth. These ‘shells’ effectively conceal all discoloration, cracks, chipped edges, shape and size variations, gaps and other dental defects, offering a complete smile transformation. The treatment offers 100% aesthetic value and is ideal for all appearance conscious individuals looking to dazzle with their smiles. It is important to note that veneers merely conceal, and do not correct dental defects.

Dental Implants offer functional and aesthetic restoration of teeth simultaneously. These are the perfect replacements for a natural tooth in the arch; the implant portion embedded underneath the gingiva supports the bone and the crown portion guarantees 100% natural look and feel of a tooth. Unlike other cosmetic dental procedures, implant treatment is surgically invasive. However, it offers more benefits in terms of functionality as compared to all other procedures in the category.

Porcelain Crowns are tooth colored caps that are cemented on to teeth that are structurally or aesthetically compromised. The purpose of these fixed prostheses is to offer complete restoration of functional, strength, aesthetics and structure, preserving the natural tooth in the arch. Porcelain Crowns or caps can effectively cover teeth that have undergone tooth wear, permanent staining, fractures or cracks, decay, root canal procedures or congenital malformations. Slight trimming down of the tooth is required prior to the cementation of the crown to achieve ideal fit.

Teeth Whitening, also known as bleaching, is a purely cosmetic procedure that can effectively brighten the smile up to several shades. Whitening can either be performed at home using DIY kits, or at the dental office. The procedure is non-invasive and can be completed in a single sitting. The results of the whitening treatment depend upon the nature and extent of staining originally present on the teeth. Bleaching can effectively remove majority of all extrinsic staining and it is essential to maintain good oral hygiene in order to make the results last longer.

Direct Dental Bonding refers to the application of resin based filling material to improve the appearance of teeth. The resin dental material can be used to close unsightly gaps between teeth, cover cracks, restore mild fractures and chipped edges and also replace tooth structure damage due to carious attacks. After the application of etchant and bonding agents, the material is then applied directly to the tooth, manipulated to replicate the natural contour and then set in place with the help of a blue light. It is important to note that direct dental bonding does not offer adequate strength and therefore remains prone to fracture. It can however, improve the smile by restoring various flaws with materials that match the shade of the natural teeth.

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