Dental specialists should focus on oral cancer prevention

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  Oral cancer is documented to be among the most commonly occurring neo-plastic disorders around the globe. The prevalence of oral cancer has been increasing at an alarming rate owing to the excessive use of tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption in the last decade. Scottsdale Arizona dental and oral health care professionals have observed increased Read More

Guidelines for maintaining healthy teeth and gums

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  Meticulous oral hygiene maintenance is the necessary pre-requisite for the longevity of your teeth and healthy condition of gums. Neglecting oral hygiene maintenance can result in deterioration of outermost enamel layer of teeth which does not have the ability to regenerate itself once destroyed. Tooth enamel can undergo de-mineralization if pH of the oral Read More

Oral health problems can indicate systemic health hazards

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  Regular dental and oral consultation visits are extremely important not only for the maintenance of your dental and oral health conditions but these warrant optimum general health as well. Your oral cavity acts as the major pathway of food and drink intake and opportunistic microorganisms can enter and spread a large number of systemic Read More

Cigarette smoking increases the chances of development of oral cancer

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Mouth cancer is considered among the most fatal cancers around the globe with high morbidity and mortality rates. People suffering from mouth cancers lead an extremely compromised life due to structural as well as functional impairment. They cannot enjoy life due to the severity of pain, discomfort and functional handicap due to this condition. They Read More

Oral disease prevention in expectant mothers

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Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy period are responsible for various oral conditions such as inflammation of gingival soft tissues. Pregnancy gingivitis is characterized by inflamed gums, bleeding on using tooth brushes and swollen red gums. This condition is most commonly seen during the first trimester and worsens with poor oral hygiene conditions. Unchecked pregnancy gingivitis Read More

How can you get clean and bright teeth?

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  Proper tooth brushing procedure is of utmost importance for the maintenance of oral and dental health of an individual. Most people do not carry out the procedure as required and complain about bad smell from their breath in addition to yellower unsightly appearance of teeth.  Good tooth brushing requires selection of proper tooth brush Read More