What should be done in case of TMJ pain and discomfort?

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  TMJ disorders involve serious illness which can be extremely painful and debilitating in nature. Limited jaw opening conditions characterized by pain, discomfort and clicking sounds on opening the mouth make it extremely difficult to take food and drinks. It becomes impossible to carry out everyday activities and fulfill the requirements of your occupation and Read More

Prevention of dental decay in old age

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  High rate of occurrence of dental and oral diseases has been associated with increased age. Aged individuals have lowered immunity, less agility, motivation and physical strength to perform meticulous oral hygiene procedures. An important oral manifestation of old age is decreased production of salivary fluids which carry out natural cleansing and buffering action within Read More

Adverse neurological effects of surgical anesthesia

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Uncooperative and non-complaint patients especially infants and small children require special methods for the provision of adequate dental and oral health care. Special skills and expertise of dental health care professionals is required in this field. Dental home needs to be developed in order to make the child comfortable in the dental clinics and hospitals Read More

Bad Breath is a social embarrassment

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  Halitosis or bad breath can have adverse effects on our social as well as marital lives. People do not like the company of foul smelling folks and avoid them whenever possible. Bad smell from your mouth can be the result of multiple factors which need to be diagnosed in order to prevent its occurrence. Read More

Factors responsible for late night snacking

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  Increased frequency of inter meal snacking is associated with high caries rate in individuals. Refined carbohydrates provide a rich source of nutrients for the microorganisms associated with dental caries. Acids are produced through metabolism of carbohydrates and minerals of teeth tend to get lost with time. This process of demineralization can be slowed down Read More

Progressive treatment approach in modern dentistry

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Modern dentistry is defined by continuing development and progress in various treatment procedures and management planning. Latest equipment and techniques have evolved in the last few decades owing to the trend of carrying out more and more research for the benefits of patients. Research alone cannot enhance the way clinicians provide dental health care. The Read More

Increased Prevalence of Dental Caries among U.S population

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  Dental caries is considered as the most common dental diseases in the oral cavity. Dental caries process is characterized by decayed and damaged tooth surfaces following the process of enamel and dentin demineralization. Poor oral hygiene maintenance coupled with excessive use of refined carbohydrates is the major risk factors for the development of tooth Read More