Dr Jerome Riddle DDS

Dr Jerome Riddle grew up and spent most of his life in Phoenix, Arizona. He acquired his Bachelors degree at the Northern Arizona University after which he went to dental school at the University of Southern California and completed his GPR residency at the UCLA and VA hospitals. Following his residency, Dr Jerome worked at the VA hospitals for four years before returning home to Arizona and establishing his own practice.

Dr Jerome Riddle has been practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona for over two decades now. He loves the city immensely owing to its beauty, its wonderful community, its tremendous potential and opportunities, and the countless memories he made here during his childhood.

Dr Jerome’s practice speaks volumes about his work ethics. The clinic has some of the most cordial, well-educated and pleasant staff members, majority of whom have been working at the practice for over 18 years. The practice is equipped with the latest, most efficient equipment, top quality instruments and the finest dental material currently available in the market. Dr Jerome Riddle has dedicated his time and efforts to helping those in need of professional dental healthcare and does not believe in marketing himself or his services openly; he believes that his work speaks for itself and it is the top quality, unmatched dental healthcare he provides that has earned the trust and confidence of countless patients within and beyond the city.

Dr Jerome practices his profession with utmost patience and dedication; he examines, diagnoses and explains the details as well as the pros and cons of every treatment comprehensively to his patients. He offers a number of treatment options for a certain condition based on the patient’s medical history, budget and requirements. Known for his gentle, yet highly effective techniques, Dr Jerome chooses to interact with his patients in a manner that helps them feel comfortable and stress-free even in a clinical environment.